Monday, 23 February 2009

Happy Birthday Mum! x x

My mum turned 50 yesterday. We had a family dinner at my house (cooked by myself, might I add!) and it was a really lovely day.

George realised he could say balloon or "baa-ooooon!" so spend most of the day running around with one telling us what it was

I perhaps had one Baileys too many but slept it off yesterday tea time so I'm feeling full of beans this morning!

Right! As usual, lots to do today. Have a great monday everyone!

Nat ♥

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I can definitely multi-task!

I officially hate Wednesdays. Nothing awful has happened it's just nothing great has happened. I've been soaked in the rain and I'm really looking forward to Summer now!

At one point this morning, I had a hairdryer in one hand, I was weighing parcels with the other and using my left foot to stop George from switching the computer on and off!! That's pretty much how today has been. Organised chaos. Luckily days like today are few and far between.

Precious Parcels had loads of new visitors and interest yesterday which is fab! I'm yet to finish the new products I'd like to get on the site but I'll get there eventually.
Had a few more affiliates join today too. So all good there. My brain is doing overtime at the minute too. A new venture might be in the pipeline but I'll explain all when and if it happens.

A site I'd suggest taking a look at today is Impala Impressions. Their two main products are a Home Casting Service and the Impala Impressions Kit. The Impala Impressions Kit enables you to take the plunge and create lifecasts of your baby’s hands or feet for yourself. If you are not that brave and would like the expert touch, the Home Casting Service is available for those living in Kent. I've not used the service myself but the website is very user-friendly and the products look beautiful. Click here to take a look.

Right, I've got a few orders to finish and a sofa to throw myself on. Good night people.
Oh, and if you ever find yourself questioning the spelling of "definitely" you'll be pleased to know there is a website dedicated to just that. (Shocking I know! But it did resolve a dispute between me and the other half after I'd typed this posts title.)

Natalie ♥

Monday, 16 February 2009

The jollity begins!

Not sure why I love Mondays so much. They just feel more venturesome than the other 6 days. Weekends are great of course, relaxing, time with Carl and the family but I do like the challenge that Mondays bring.
I'd like to thank Lynette Allen for featuring me on the Pink Expertise website last week.
Click here to view it.

So, the weekend was lovely. Had a nice lazy Valentine's day on Saturday (Thank you Carl! x) and went to Cheshire yesterday visiting family. George loves an audience so was in his element yesterday, showing off his new skills which include climbing onto the dining table, splashing in the cat's drinking bowl and smacking Nanna on the head with the TV remote. What an angel!

If it stays dry we'll go to the park later and terrorize, I mean, feed the ducks.

Aim for today is get my affiliate scheme up and running. There'll be about 8 banners to choose from so if you've got a website and want to earn 10% of sales you generate then be sure to drop me a quick email so I can forward you details of how to sign up.

No i didn't get the sewing done Saturday morning so still got that on my ever growing to-do list.

Two websites to recommend today, both ran by fellow mumpreneurs and both are fab so do take a look.

Lily-Rose Designs offers a beautiful selection of handmade items. Including unique christening announcements, birthday keepsake books and much more!... Lily-Rose Designs is based in Northampton, where Nanette runs the business from home. Here she looks after her family as well as designing and making all her own gifts with that added personal touch.
Take a look -

Charlie Moo's sell Party Bags, Gifts and Toys
These great party bags include handmade cloth drawstring, cloth handled and paper bags. You can purchase the bags pre-filled full of goodies or choose the fillers yourself.
You'll also find a fab selection of toys and gifts so do take a look.

Right, I need toast and hot chocolate before anything else!
have a great day
Nat ♥

Friday, 13 February 2009

Ducks, mud and hot cross buns

If I'd just taken 14 puppies for a walk, I could understand how I got covered, head to toe, in so much mud! Instead, I've just taken George to the park. We've had a great time. It's such a beautiful day and George proved how much he's been taking in by running around like a lunatic shouting "Quaaack!"

I won't thank sainsburys for the gorgeous aroma of hot crossed buns that filled the park. If I wasn't on a diet, sorry "eating healthily" we'd have been straight across the road to sample them. Oh I can imagine the smell now.... mmmm!

So, plan for this afternoon is get some more Mother's Day items finished, design some leaflets, do some more gingerbread items as there's quite a demand for those, get up to date with orders and tidy my bench!
I've just been passed a book and told "more!" I think he'd like me to read it ;o)
OK, I do realise I'm not going to get everything done, in fact probably none of it but at least I have a list!

If you like gingham, you'll love what I'm sewing (yes, sewing!) in the morning. Keep an eye on the 'For Her' page of the website.

Nat ♥

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wakey wakey rise and... zzzzZZ!!

I've not yet managed to wake up properly, despite being up for over 2 hours, doing the washing, cleaning the kitchen, having breakfast with George and confronting my Inbox. You know when you just feel like standing in the rain for a nice invigorating wake up!? Or is that just me?

Anyway, the upstairs loo is blocked... nice morning chore for me there! and my mobile is at death's door so I need to arrange a replacement.

Aside from that, yesterday Precious Parcels had the most number of visitors so far this year, I've had another article published and I'm running competitions with 2 big baby websites next month. So things are looking good.

I really need to get the Mother's Day range finished and on display (preferably before Christmas!) That'll tie in nicely with the new baby gifts.

Right, I'm off to stick my head in whats left of the snow. That ought to do it! *yawns*

Nat ♥

Monday, 9 February 2009

The cogs are turning again!

Crikey, I didn't realise just how little I've been using my brain since getting pregnant! The last 2 years have mainly consisted of decorating, changing nappies, reading manuals, playing games on George's level, watching Mickey Mouse and eating as much as possible!
I've actually blamed last nights mega headache on the cogs starting to turn again after a 2 year standstill.
Thats not to say I've not enjoyed the past 2 years! No way!! I'm absolutely loving being a mummy and wouldn't change a thing. Its just that starting the business has got my brain active again and I'm looking for new challenges every day now.

So I've been writing articles and getting them published which is fantastic! Big thank you to everyone who's shown an interest.
A few more exciting competitions in the pipeline so keep an eye on the Precious Parcels News page for details.

For anyone who hasn't yet seen you really should. I've had a few photos enhanced by Sarah now and I can honestly say each one has made me a little teary!
They're fantastic. They make great gifts and they are very reasonably priced.


Right, I'm off to dance with Upsy Daisy!! As one does!
Have a nice evening

Nat ♥

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Muffins in the bin!...

Back on the diet today! I think I'm actually in the right frame of mind this time so I should shift a few pounds at last. Carl has just put the remaining chocolate muffins in the bin for me, how sweet! :o
Quite happy with the site at the moment. Its got that personal touch now which is nice.
Added a couple of customer photos yesterday and the competition entries have started coming in.
Just came across how cool is this site! Completely pointless really but I love coming across sites that are fun to look at and navigate. And yes, I now want an ugly doll!
Plan for today? Visiting friends and having some quality family time. I've spent a lot of time working this week and need some time to chill with the big man and little man. and yes Carl, just because I might stay in my warm pyjamas some days.... its still classed as working! :op
Oh, we're also picking up a double airbed for George..... don't ask!!
For those of you who keeping willing me to enter the PR comp. I'm seriously considering it!

Enjoy your weekend
Nat ♥

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow point crying over spilt milk...

How beautiful is it outside!! haven't seen that much snow in years. I love it!
I've just watched Carl skid all over the road in the car on his way to work. Luckily he couldn't see me laughing at him or he'd have laughed twice as hard at me turning round and slipping on the milk George has just spilt!! Thats justice for you!

So, managed to get lots done yesterday and I'm feeling pretty smug and organised. I'll enjoy it while it lasts....

My Aim for today (apart from build a snowman with George and draw some more "pictures" with him) is to get the Precious Parcels competition launched, didn't get it done yesterday and start a few of the tasks I've promised other people I'll get done, you know who you are... and yes, I'm on it!

Have a warm day peeps!!

Nat ♥

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow time like the present!...

I can hear the snow dripping away on the window sill. Personally I love it, and I'm hoping we get lots more!! (Even though it took George's daddy 2 1/2 hours to get home on Monday night, compared to his usual 20 minute journey! Hee hee)

Right, lots to do today and the little man is napping so I'd better crack on.

Orders to do, emails to answer and a competition to launch!... So watch this space!

Nat ♥

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The blogging begins

So this is it... "blogging!"
I've been a bit slow getting on the social networking bandwagon but I'm here now. No doubt soon to become addicted. Anyway, just a short introduction tonight as I'm rather tired, still got lots to do and really looking forward to getting into bed. Night folks! Blog you soon! x