Friday, 13 February 2009

Ducks, mud and hot cross buns

If I'd just taken 14 puppies for a walk, I could understand how I got covered, head to toe, in so much mud! Instead, I've just taken George to the park. We've had a great time. It's such a beautiful day and George proved how much he's been taking in by running around like a lunatic shouting "Quaaack!"

I won't thank sainsburys for the gorgeous aroma of hot crossed buns that filled the park. If I wasn't on a diet, sorry "eating healthily" we'd have been straight across the road to sample them. Oh I can imagine the smell now.... mmmm!

So, plan for this afternoon is get some more Mother's Day items finished, design some leaflets, do some more gingerbread items as there's quite a demand for those, get up to date with orders and tidy my bench!
I've just been passed a book and told "more!" I think he'd like me to read it ;o)
OK, I do realise I'm not going to get everything done, in fact probably none of it but at least I have a list!

If you like gingham, you'll love what I'm sewing (yes, sewing!) in the morning. Keep an eye on the 'For Her' page of the website.

Nat ♥


Addison said...

Awww... George is so cute. I am looking forward to see your lovely product.

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