Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I can definitely multi-task!

I officially hate Wednesdays. Nothing awful has happened it's just nothing great has happened. I've been soaked in the rain and I'm really looking forward to Summer now!

At one point this morning, I had a hairdryer in one hand, I was weighing parcels with the other and using my left foot to stop George from switching the computer on and off!! That's pretty much how today has been. Organised chaos. Luckily days like today are few and far between.

Precious Parcels had loads of new visitors and interest yesterday which is fab! I'm yet to finish the new products I'd like to get on the site but I'll get there eventually.
Had a few more affiliates join today too. So all good there. My brain is doing overtime at the minute too. A new venture might be in the pipeline but I'll explain all when and if it happens.

A site I'd suggest taking a look at today is Impala Impressions. Their two main products are a Home Casting Service and the Impala Impressions Kit. The Impala Impressions Kit enables you to take the plunge and create lifecasts of your baby’s hands or feet for yourself. If you are not that brave and would like the expert touch, the Home Casting Service is available for those living in Kent. I've not used the service myself but the website is very user-friendly and the products look beautiful. Click here to take a look.

Right, I've got a few orders to finish and a sofa to throw myself on. Good night people.
Oh, and if you ever find yourself questioning the spelling of "definitely" you'll be pleased to know there is a website dedicated to just that. (Shocking I know! But it did resolve a dispute between me and the other half after I'd typed this posts title.)

Natalie ♥


Addison said...

Wow, seems like a chaotic day for you. Thanks for sharing the links.

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