Saturday, 7 February 2009

Muffins in the bin!...

Back on the diet today! I think I'm actually in the right frame of mind this time so I should shift a few pounds at last. Carl has just put the remaining chocolate muffins in the bin for me, how sweet! :o
Quite happy with the site at the moment. Its got that personal touch now which is nice.
Added a couple of customer photos yesterday and the competition entries have started coming in.
Just came across how cool is this site! Completely pointless really but I love coming across sites that are fun to look at and navigate. And yes, I now want an ugly doll!
Plan for today? Visiting friends and having some quality family time. I've spent a lot of time working this week and need some time to chill with the big man and little man. and yes Carl, just because I might stay in my warm pyjamas some days.... its still classed as working! :op
Oh, we're also picking up a double airbed for George..... don't ask!!
For those of you who keeping willing me to enter the PR comp. I'm seriously considering it!

Enjoy your weekend
Nat ♥


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