Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow point crying over spilt milk...

How beautiful is it outside!! haven't seen that much snow in years. I love it!
I've just watched Carl skid all over the road in the car on his way to work. Luckily he couldn't see me laughing at him or he'd have laughed twice as hard at me turning round and slipping on the milk George has just spilt!! Thats justice for you!

So, managed to get lots done yesterday and I'm feeling pretty smug and organised. I'll enjoy it while it lasts....

My Aim for today (apart from build a snowman with George and draw some more "pictures" with him) is to get the Precious Parcels competition launched, didn't get it done yesterday and start a few of the tasks I've promised other people I'll get done, you know who you are... and yes, I'm on it!

Have a warm day peeps!!

Nat ♥


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