Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wakey wakey rise and... zzzzZZ!!

I've not yet managed to wake up properly, despite being up for over 2 hours, doing the washing, cleaning the kitchen, having breakfast with George and confronting my Inbox. You know when you just feel like standing in the rain for a nice invigorating wake up!? Or is that just me?

Anyway, the upstairs loo is blocked... nice morning chore for me there! and my mobile is at death's door so I need to arrange a replacement.

Aside from that, yesterday Precious Parcels had the most number of visitors so far this year, I've had another article published and I'm running competitions with 2 big baby websites next month. So things are looking good.

I really need to get the Mother's Day range finished and on display (preferably before Christmas!) That'll tie in nicely with the new baby gifts.

Right, I'm off to stick my head in whats left of the snow. That ought to do it! *yawns*

Nat ♥


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