Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Comic Relief - Friday 13th March 2009

If you've not yet donated to Comic Relief this year here's a great fundraiser for you all!...

"PhotoFairytales: Make me look Funny!"

Visit the PhotoFairytales Comic Relief page, donate just £2.50 then email a photo of yourself, or perhaps a family member, friend, colleague or even your pet and let them create a silly image!

What are you waiting for!? Visit http://photofairytales.shopping.officelive.com/comicrelief.aspx and make someone look funny for money!

Precious Parcels - Less than 2 weeks until Mother's Day and less than a week left to claim FREE postage on your orders. Take a look at these unique Mother's Day gifts and use the code displayed at the top of that page to claim FREE p+p.


Great article featured on the Long Island Exchange website last week. I now ship worldwide so its great to have an overseas article out there. Have a read!....


Right, plaques to paint and George to feed!...
Have a great day.

Natalie x


DM09 said...

I think you have a great business and so much drive! Where do you get all your energy from? Please tell all to a Mum who is constantly knackered and hasn't even launched her business yet...

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