Monday, 2 March 2009

Fish cakes, a lost card and THREE ex-husbands!!??

Hi Guys

I was really busy last week so didn't get a chance to post. Anyway, I'm here now and ready to up date you.

So, business.... Precious Parcels is gaining more visitors each day which is great. Quite a few things going on at the moment including a soon to be launched "Design your own plaque" page, a menu re-shuffle, quite a few new items and a few other bits and bobs that I don't want to commit myself to by telling you so you'll just have to keep checking the website :op

Had a fab article on and received lots of great feedback as a result so thanks to everyone who read it and dropped me an email.

There's also a Precious Parcels competition running on from 1st March - 31st March. 20 baby plaques up for grabs so take a look!

On Saturday night I decided to make some fishcakes. Sent Carl out for the necessities and got to work.
The taste result..... FANTASTIC! They were bloomin gorgeous. The cleanup result..... Horrific! I'll never be making them again because the state of the kitchen was phenomenal! I've cooked easier and tidier four course meals!! I could have done with a chisel on the worktops and I'm still finding flour on things this morning! Scrummy but never again.

For those of you who didn't catch the funny conversation I had on Twitter last week I'll repeat it, it tickled me for the rest of the day.
It starts with me reading a post by EmmaCakebread:
"Thinks the new Walkers flavours of crisps are all sooo wrong! yuk!"
So I replied:
"me too! Well, I've tried 3 of them and was not impressed at all."
A few minutes later she types:
"lol x - so frustrating arent they!"
Which, to say the least confused me a little but carried on replying to emails.
When I returned to Twitter, I realised that shortly after Emma had written about the yukky crisps, she typed:
"Thinks her Ex-husband is being a bit of a tw@!!!!"
So I've now realised that Emma thinks I've "tried" 3 ex-husbands and wasn't impressed at all.
Laughing my head off, I quickly type:
"You do know I was talking about the Walkers crisps and not ex-husbands????? x"
Emma replies:
"LOL no I didnt! thats why I laughed! thinking you'd tried 3 ex-husbands! PMSL!!!! SORRY xxxx"
At this point I start getting messages from people:
"Ohhhh, I thought you meant ex-husbands too!" and "Sorry Natalie, I thought it were your ex's you weren't impressed with"

So to clarify, I've tried 3 of the Walkers flavours, not 3 husbands!..... x x

I'll finish this post by calling Carl a total idiot and quickly telling you all why (love you really!)
He pops to the cash point quite late last night and returns only to tell me he's lost his bank card. He got to the cash point and realised it wasn't in his back pocket so went back and searched the car. No luck!
So I get my shoes on, search outside the house, up and down the pavement and even drive to the car park next to the cash point, point the headlamps to where he said he parked, and crawl, YES crawl! on my hands and knees to see if its been dropped under any of the parked cars.
While I'm getting messed up, Carl has turned the house upside down trying to find it, been out the door with a torch and we still can't find the missing card. We've both checked his pockets, traced his steps and nothing.... Later on while we're still frustrated and looking for his bank card, I look at him and say "Carl, has that shirt got a top pocket?"
His mouth drops, obviously realising what a total plonker his is, runs out the back door shouting "Oh my god, you're gonna kill me aren't you!" and returns to the cash point.


Natalie x


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