Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mother's Day madness

Hi Everyone

I've not blogged for a while. Two reasons... 1) I've been feeling under the weather and 2) I've been rushed off my feet. Back now though and ready to share some happenings.

I'm not whether I'm totally dim or I just lack faith in my website but I genuinely wasn't expecting the amount of orders I received for Mother's Day. It was like Christmas chaos all over again! I'm not complaining and I thank all of you who visited, ordered from me and recommended me. It's been amazing. The orders have continued to come in this week though so I'm super chuffed.

Exciting changes!
I'm adding at least 2 new categories and lots of new products this week, so if you like my work keep an eye on the website on Thursday and Friday of this week.

I received a gift from Lily-Rose Designs this week for George to trial. Its called the Dummy Fairy gift and its absolutely beautiful!! The packaging it arrived in was stunning and impressive but the gift itself... so unique and gorgeous.

I'll let you know how the trial goes but I already highly recommend taking a look http://www.lily-rosedesigns.com/

George continues to amaze me and comes out with at least one or two new words every day. His favourite has to be baby or "baaayy-beeeee!" His Grandad is certain he's following in my footsteps and actually saying "Eeeee-bay!" lol.

If George sleeps in until 7.30am its amazing so imagine my delight on Mother's Day when he decided to sleep until 8.40am! Surely the best present ever!?

Don't forget to visit - http://www.preciousparcels.co.uk/ later in the week for some exciting new products!

Natalie x


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