Monday, 30 March 2009

Website updates

Morning all!

I've finally uploaded the new Precious Parcels menu which has four, yes FOUR new categories! "At work" "Wooden bunting" "Gingerbread men" and "Handmade cards".

So far I've only managed to upload the wooden bunting but it does look fab if I do say so myself ;o) I'd love your feedback....

Blue & white bunting with blue wooden stars.

Pink & white bunting with pink wooden hearts.

Personalised Blue & green bunting

Personalised pink & lilac bunting

You can take a proper look at

The weekend!... How beautiful was it yesterday! Bloomin freezing though. I kept feeling the need to open the patio doors and take a stroll around the garden, only to be reminded that despite its beauty, it was actually minus a thousand degrees and the cold air just triggered off my cough. - Not fun, so I enjoyed it through the window! lol

George was at his Grandparents in Cheshire yesterday with Carl and although there's always plenty to be getting on with while he's out the way I still feel lost without him and it takes me an hour or two to figure out what to do without him climbing up me! Back to normal today though.... sticky fingers, tantrums, things getting broken and a few new funny words. I wouldn't have it any other way! :o)

Have a great Monday...

Nat x


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