Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How Exciting!...

Hi Everyone!...

Believe it or not this isn't a post about the lovely change in weather and the glorious sunshine we now get most days... although, exciting that is!

Neither is it a post of new words George can say and tricks he can do, as HUGELY exciting as that is!...

I want to share with you some upcoming changes and plans for Precious Parcels.

The first will be some great new products being added to the existing range. If you love Angels and Fairies you'll love whats currently in the making but I'm also expanding the wedding range, and gifts for friends and family too.
Another development is with the payment process. Although it works fine as it is, I'm upgrading the system which won't only make the checkout process visually more attractive but will allow quicker transactions as well as payment by telephone for those who prefer it.
and finally.... Precious Parcels gift parties are currently being planned!! There's a fair amount of work left to ensure everything is covered but in a couple of weeks time more details will be available on the website. If you think you'd enjoy being a Precious Parcels agent then drop me a quick email and I'll inform you when full details are available. (UK Only) Email natalie@preciousparcels.co.uk
Take care
Natalie x


Illustrate My Name said...

Here, here on the weather front, just getting a little picnic together for me and the boys to enjoy later :o)

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