Friday, 19 June 2009

Is it just my other half???

So, we've been living in this house for almost 8 months now. Yes its bigger and far more beautiful than the old house but I could probably cover every room and cupboard in around 2 minutes flat. Carl on the other hand....

He was very kindly keeping an eye on the dinner for me last night as I'd had a really busy day and was busy keeping George occupied (who was showing no signs of wanting to go to bed). Bangers and mash, George's favourite. So nothing too difficult luckily as Carl is no Jamie Oliver. Anyway, the spuds were ready to mash and sausages turned down low. So Carl shouts:

"Nat, where's the colander to drain the potatoes?"

"In the cupboard where it always is" I reply reply, so I assume he's found it.

"It's not" He shouts

"Try the dishwasher then" I said

"Nope, not in there either" He said

"Are you sure its not in the cupboard, I remember putting it away last night" I asked

Then I get.....

"What cupboard!?"

So I roll my eyes and shout back...

"The cupboard under the oven where it ALWAYS is with the other pans"

silence for quite a few seconds....
"OOOHHH! yeah got it.... I didn't know that cupboard was there".

We've been here 8 months and its quite an essential cupboard in my eyes. Jeeeez!

Ladies, you can imagine my face.

To all you wonderful Dads. Have a great Fathers Day! We love you really.

Nat x


Niki said...

Tee hee! Mine's the same ... or he just opens the drawer, looks and says 'no it's not in there' instead of actually moving thing to see if they're underneath .. gotta love them though .. eh!
Happy days

Party Sprite said...

My hubby did a similar thing yesterday! Was asking where an important piece of paper was, he had left it on the coffee table and now couldn't see it. I suggested he looked under the things on the top of the pile as I had picked some things up off the floor and put them there. He still couldn't find it. Eventually after much grumbling he found it where he had put it, on top of the TV under big sprites photo!

Anonymous said...

Hehe thats sooo funny! But yup they're all the same :0)

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