Thursday, 4 June 2009

Where have I been!!??

Hi Everyone!

It's almost 3 weeks since I updated my blog. No, I've not been on holiday, still got that to come! I've just been so busy I've not had chance to do anything apart from get the orders out the door and look after the little dude.

So, George has now started nursery!! What a big boy. He's only doing 2 sessions a week but it free's up 10 hours for me to knuckle down and get more work done. (and update my blog!) He had his 2 trial sessions last week and has started his first full session this morning. There were tears last week from both of us but I managed to stay in control this morning, well, until he saw me leave and shouted muh-meeeeee!! I burst into tears and felt awful for leaving him. Anyway, I've rang for an update and he's doing much better. He's had fun playing outside and even ate some of his banana. God I felt better when she said that.

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So, Precious Parcels!... Absolutely mad busy, fab, love it, more resellers, more orders, more visitors, more interest all round. It's going so well and I'm thrilled. So a big thank you to everyone who has ordered, linked to the site, the blog, recommended me and sent me lovely emails. It really is appreciated.

Big welcome and thank you!.....
I've been so busy I've had to get an extra pair of hands in to help. Sarah Hook is now helping me as and when needed with some tasks. I've known Sarah for many many years and I was really pleased when she said she'd love to get onboard (God help her!)
I'm sure some of you will be dealing with her over the coming months.

Right, I really need to crack on before its time to collect the monster.

Do check the site for new items won't you. I'll be adding some Father's Day stuff tonight/tomorrow too.

Have a great afternoon.
Nat x


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