Sunday, 12 July 2009

G's Holiday antics and Precious Parcels does WHOLESALE!!...

Hi Everyone.

So we've been back off holiday for a week and to be honest I've not really had post holiday blues! Probably because I've not had chance to finish unpacking, never mind get moody!!

George was an absolute gem on holiday. He was so cheery, so funny and learnt so many new words.

A memorable moment for me will be him realising he could hand feed the ducks (AND A SWAN!)

Yes George they do "nip" your fingers! I was expecting tears any second but instead he just frowned at them and carried on making sure they'd got enough bread. So sweet!

I don't think the boy has any fear. I can already see him taking after me. I have little fear when it comes to animals and will just about hand feed anything given the opportunity. Yet I still have a strange phobia about worms! Yep, those harmless small wriggly things. And as I type this my toes are curling and I've lifted my feet off the ground. Ewww!!.... moving on!...

Carl didn't join us on holiday until the Thursday so you can imagine his little face light up when he saw him walking down the road!! George looked excited too! ;o)

Not satisfied with the small water slides, George had me up and down the steps to the bigger shoot every few minutes. The smaller ones (designed for people his height!) just didn't cut it.

It was a fantastic week from start to finish.

Precious Parcels now offers wholesale!...

I've been receiving wholesale enquiries for some time now but just haven't had the resources to see it through. Anyway, now with the help of a few extra hands I'm delighted to announce that from the end of July we'll be selling a range of non-personalised items at wholesale prices.

If you're a retailer, whether it be online, shop or craft fairs and are interested in selling our items why not register your interest.
More info can be found here:

Don't miss out on Special offers and news!

If you've not already joined the Precious Parcels Mailing List be sure you do!

Have a great week.

Catch you soon
Nat x


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