Friday, 24 July 2009

Yipppeeee!! We've cracked it!!!!....

Morning all!
Crikey, its afternoon, where on earth has that gone??

Anyway, George has been going to nursery for 6 weeks now. I'm sure I've previously blogged about the tears and trauma from both me and George when he first started. God it was awful, I literally felt sick the night before, knowing I was going to break his little heart the following morning.

BUUUTT!... 6 weeks on he actually thinks NURSERY IS FUN!! Woohooo!

He's been going 2 mornings a week, 8-1pm and he's starting 3 mornings a week from August. He's learning the ladies names too which is so sweet to hear and this morning he actually stood waiting at the back door while I ran around getting ready.

It's such a relief and I'll get so much more done knowing he's actually enjoying himself. I sat here in tears the first week!
The best part is how excited I get about collecting him at 1 o clock. Speaking of which!!!...
it's 12.34!!.....Moustache!

Oh yeah, on the Precious Parcels front, there are some new fabric gingham hearts and some funky wooden letters on the website. Take a look!

Have a great weekend.

Nat x


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