Thursday, 27 August 2009

New products!

Hi Guys

Very hectic over here. Christmas is a'coming and we're busy making new items, fulfilling requests and generally getting stocked up for the chaos and fun ahead. My only advise would be not to leave it to the last minute to grab your Christmas gifts. ;o)

Our most popular items by far are for new arrivals and toddlers but we create lots of custom orders for older children, so with this in mind we've launched these matching sets. They make fantastic gifts and aren't too pricey if you're just wanting to add some colour to your child's room.
See website for full details
Hope you like them. Natalie x

Monday, 17 August 2009

£500 for Cancer Research UK - Thank you!!

Thank you so much to all the following people and businesses who helped me raise a fantastic £500 for Cancer Research UK.

Niki Gott

Dawn Hickey

Matthew Hook

Hayley Banks

Steven Thornhill

Carl Hughes

Sarah Begley

Eve Preteceille-Skelton

Diane Hansen-Ingram

Matt Atherton

Sid Cordier

Kirsty Common

David Ajose
Here's to raising £1k in 2010!
Natalie x

Monday, 10 August 2009

FREE p+p until Midnight on Friday.

Me again!

If you're looking for savings during the Summer Holidays then make the most of our FREE Get your birthday gifts, thank you gifts and treats for yourself while the postage is FREE on all orders.

Simply enter "SHIP" at checkout.

Natalie x

Offer ends midnight on Friday 14th August and is available on UK deliveries only.

2 words!!!.....

Hi everyone.

Been busy, poorly and more busy so not blogged for a while. Anyway, something REALLY exciting has happened. OK, its possibly not that exciting for you but for me it was one of those OMG I'm going to cry moments! For some time now George has been saying this that and the other, mummy, daddy, car, pooh, juice... the list is endless.
BUT!...George can now put 2 words together. See, I knew you wouldn't find it very exciting but the laughs we've had with it are priceless!
The first 2 word sentence, and yes, I'm saying sentence whether it is or not, was "Daddy's shirt" just as he was dragging the clean washing out of the machine and around the kitchen floor. I thought he'd blurted it out by chance so asked him to say it again. Then he shouts "Daddy's shirt!!!" Woohooo he did it!
In the next 5 minutes he realised he could put any 2 words together he wanted to. So I spent the next hour listening to "Mummy's juice, George's car, Daddy's shoes, George's hat" and my absolute favourite, "Daddy Stinks!!" Sorry! I couldn't resist.

Not sure why but this is my favourite milestone so far. His first steps were obviously exciting but I can really speak to him now, and he can explain more. He's so chuffed with himself and I'm sure very soon it'll be 3 words, then 4.... then "No mummy I will not!" Oh god, why am I excited again!? ;o)

Precious Parcels is approaching it's 1st birthday and is getting busier and better by the day. Something for your diary.... 23rd October would be a great day to visit the website if you're looking for special offers, freebies, new products and more!... We'll be having an online celebration of our first successful year so don't miss it.

Race for Life
On July 26th I completed the Race For Life 2009. It was a fantastic day and I cannot wait to do it again next year! I'm really pleased to tell you that in total (online and offline sponsors) I raised £500 for Cancer Research UK. What a fantastic amount. Thank you so so much to everyone who sponsored me.

I'll be adding another blog post shortly to thank all the individuals and businesses who very kindly donated.

Have a great week.
Nat x