Friday, 16 October 2009

I love you George....

I can't believe its been 2 years
how quickly does it fly!
Big brown eyes and little nose
you made me & daddy cry.

Yes you've been a handful
but we wouldn't change a day.
You really are so perfect
in every single way.

I can't believe the mess you make
but I guess you copy me.
Splashes of paint on everything
and stickers on my knee!!

You always have me running round
chasing your cheeky smile.
But a cuddle from you and a snotty kiss
makes it all worth while.

I love you George

Mummy xx


christmas gift ideas said...

I can feel the same for my 18 months baby Ana. She is an angel for me and my family. I'll give it to her when she will be able to understand this.

Sarah @ PhotoFairytales said...

Oh honey, I've only just seen this. It's brought a lump to my throat! What a lovely little poem for Gorgeous George xxx

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