Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Behind The Scenes!

Reading the comments on this week's (my first!) Silent Sunday post, made me realise just how lucky we are! "Fun", "..a good time" and "messy!" were all mentioned in the replies and that pretty much sums up the day here!

After our initial success (which of course hasn't gone to our collective heads) we thought we'd give everyone a bit more of an insight into PP HQ and what we get up to!

Run with the precision of a military operation, this is the organised hub of the whole empire.

Organised chaos! Yup, this is where production begins. The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot the large glass on the desk. You can decide what fills it during the busiest periods!

It's all very technical you know! No time for screwing around.. (Terrible joke, apologies!)

Ah, Mr FedEx, we know him well. Being a home run empire, he has been greeted with wet hair, saggy tracksuit bottoms, and on one memorable occasion just a towel. Sorry Mr FedEx.

Glue has never been used to stick the youngest member of the PP HQ household to a chair. He is too fast...!

Surrounded! Just a selection of the hundreds of items that are lovingly created here each week before winging their way to their new owners

It's all in the detail! Here at PP HQ we pride ourselves on a perfect finish. We wouldn't buy something that didn't look quite right, so we don't see why you should?!

After spending a year eating pizza after pizza we finally realised that you can buy these clock boxes wholesale. Phew - there really are only so many stuffed crust ham & pineapple pizzas a person can eat!

A large part of the day is spent packing, labelling and sending off. We are very careful in making sure everything is protected against the rough of tumble of the postal system.

What you can't see are the other 5 bags ready to go, I don't relish having to drag these back to the delivery depot!

And last but not least......

When all is said and done, there is no long tiring journey home, it's tools down - grab a drink and out into the garden to relax!

So there you have it... a glimpse into the world of Precious Parcels, fun, messy, busy and definitely never dull!


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