Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Father's Day - How Do You Spend Yours?

What does Father’s Day mean to you? Is it about off the shelf gifts or is it something more personal? Here at PP Blog HQ, Father’s Day is a chance for the kids to say “Daddy... You Rock!”. It’s about recognising all the things Daddy does, the rolling down the hill at the park even though it’s muddy, it’s making the best Lego creation EVER, it’s giving horsey rides, using silly nicknames, knowing all the words to all the silly songs. It’s wiping away tears, putting plasters on the hurts, telling adventure stories to help forget the hurts and always being ready with a cuddle.

That’s what Father’s Day is all about. It’s personal, it’s special and it’s just around the corner! (Sunday 19th June).

We love these personalised gifts, something long-lasting that says “You are great” which Daddy’s can proudly display and which can be lovely keepsakes for down the road.

So what do you do on Father’s Day? Do you have a special family tradition? Does Daddy get to stay in bed all day? How does Father’s Day work for you?

We at PP Headquarters would love to know what you do to celebrate Father's Day, so why not tell us about it below?

Don't forget to visit our For Him page for some lovely personalised gifts and ideas.... and remember than custom orders, if you have something slightly different in mind, are always welcome!! After all, all Daddy's are different!


Nicki Cawood said...

Roy is spoiled rotten!! Brekky in bed (it has to be bacon and mushroom sandwiches) and slaves for the day. He loves it! Last year it was (another) personalised mug and a framed drawing from Kieran which he loved as it was something he could keep.

This year will be much the same, and I'll no doubt be getting something lovely from here from the both of them :) We don't go for big stuff like ipods or even DVDs as we feel Father's Day is supposed to be about him & the kids. Not me and my overdraft :p

Lovely to see the blog up & running again btw!

N.S. Gears said...

Well for me aside the gifts (cake, watches, tie and etc.) and stuff. Father's day is a day where we show our appreciation on what he has done for us. Making him feel like he is the center of our world and make him special

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