Thursday, 30 June 2011

Frank & Mr Trumpy

Yes, new arrivals at PP HQ!

Any ideas? 
This is a blog connected to an award-winning handmade craft & gift business remember, so surely Frank & Mr Trumpy are new paint colours, some sort of newly designed item or similar?

Urm... no.

We'd like to proudly present the newest members of the PP Team:

And the rather shy Mr Trumpy!

Obviously these gorgeous newbies belong to Master PP, and are not for grown ups to coo over and play with (all morning).

Welcome to your new home Frank & Mr Trumpy!

What? Oh we know we are big kids! But they are just sooo adorable!


Nicki Cawood said...

I worry about you I do (although they are very cute!). Who named them lol?

Jeff Hardy said...

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a2zbaby said...

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