Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Gallery - The Weekend!

We are big fans of the Gallery as run by Tara Cain on Sticky Fingers but so far haven't actually managed to get anything together and posted in time!!

Here is a snippet of our typical weekend at PP HQ! The youngest member of our team, released from nursery, dons his apron (then takes it off when no-one is looking!), and sets to work. Master PP has some very definite ideas about what he thinks we should make next and loves borrowing (pinching) the paint samples to show us grown-ups how it's really done.

So our weekend - being given art lessons by a four year old :)

To see more entries into this week's "The Weekend" themed gallery pop over to Sticky Fingers - The Gallery.


Funky Wellies said...

Absolutely love the look on his face! :)

Nicki Cawood said...

Ha ha! Nice one G - you show em how it's done LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aww such a cute photo!

Anonymous said...

Great picture although I mistook the sponge for a sponge cake at first

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