Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Strange Gifts!

What is the strangest gift you ever been given? Choosing a present for someone isn't always easy and sometimes the results can be interesting to say the least!
We know someone who was given a hamster (by her Mother-in-Law) instead of chocolate for Easter. Sounds a little odd but when you consider she was a grown married woman, didn't yet have children, and was NOT an animal lover it was just bizarre!

Talking to friends of Precious Parcels some of the best / strangest gifts have included a hair removal kit (from another Mother-in-Law actually!), a coat made from bin bags (obviously we aren't appreciating the high fashion value of this one), "The Hamster" and a book on how to clean your home properly. 
We are sure there are much more interesting, strange and downright weird presents out there, hiding in the back of the wardrobe, and we'd love to hear about them! 


Anonymous said...

A £2oo BBQ Why O why would my partner not know, or think to ask if I,m the kinda bloke who likes sweating over a hot BBQ on a hot day trying to cook and feed hordes of kids and friends as they smash-up the house and drink all my wine ! I,d like to state very clearly to all mum,s Blokes don,t like "doing" BBQ going to one is fine. A cold beer and a comfortable chair is all we need What I could have do with 200 squids! makes me wanna cry ;(

Lisa said...

Mine isn't really strange but my OH grandparents bought me two really oversized t-shirt type nighties with forever friends on the front with matching bed socks. At 25 I really wasn't that appreciative.


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