Monday, 20 June 2011

Treating yourself.

If you are anything like us, when it comes to having a bit of extra cash in your pocket you automatically spend it on the kids, the husband/partner, or something very functional! (How many of you are nodding?). Why not, just for a change, treat yourself to something? PreciousParcels has some lovely items for the home, not at all practical (with the exception of the key and towel holders!), but attractive and things that are just lovely and to be enjoyed.

Here are some of our favourite home items:
Ideal for keys, tea towels, hand towels, aprons, shopping lists....
These are handpainted so can be customised to suit your home - Just £9.95.

We love this country look plaque! Priced at £12.95.

These are just simply lovely! With four different colours to choose from, these make beautiful home accessories £7.95

A touch of decadence! These personalised blocks are simple and just a little different. Prices starting from £10.50

Or, why not treat yourself to something completely custom made? Our most favourite recent custom order was for a 2-tier plaque, painted to match a bathroom’s decor that read “If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Please Be Sweet & Wipe The Seat”. A reminder for teenage sons!!

At just £1.95 delivery, regardless of the size of the order, you can afford to think of yourself for once and get something YOU want!


Nicki Cawood said...

I get into trouble when it comes to treating myself. Roy plays merry-hell because he sends me out shopping to get myself something and I come home with stuff for him, the kids and something mundane like a new bin lol!
Some lovely items, I might treat myself to a key holder :)

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