Monday, 13 June 2011

What's In a Name?

Here at PP HQ, because a lot of our items are personalised, we literally see hundreds of names each week. There have been some unusual ones, but generally these are beautiful because they are a bit different and we haven't had anything through that has made us think "Woah!" because it's well, a bit strange. The baby naming game seems to be very much in the media nowadays with couples choosing more and more unusual names. Is it the new vogue?

From Apple, Bluebell Madonna, Fifi Trixibell, Sage Moon Blood and the like, to Brooklyn for the Beckhams - are these "out there" names going to come back and bite our children down the road? At the end of the day parents can call their children what they like, and as adults anyone really not liking their name can change it by deed poll. However, should we be thinking more about the effect a name can have during childhood? I'm not sure Fifi Trixibell would have gone down well at our local primary school - but perhaps celebrity kids are more "sheltered" or used to things being different?

There was an uproar recently when an Israeli couple named their child after the Facebook "Like" button, and apparently an Egyptian couple went all out and actually named their daughter "Facebook" earlier this year. Is this a step too far? We aren't sure! A name is so important as it is personal to you, but we think it's more important who you are than what you are called.

What do you think?


Diana Evans said...

We always wanted a 'traditional' name - and when our son came along nearly 3 years ago we chose his names easily, after his two grandfathers, Peter for his dad's late father, and Victor which is my father. Everyone comments on how unusual Peter's name is!

Anonymous said...

I called my daughter Haidee. Pronounced Hay-dee. It comes from the boys name Adrian. My cousin, Adrian died a few years ago. Everyone called him Aidee. So I wanted Aidee for a boy but knew I was having a girl so I put a H infront of it to make it a little more feminine. Her middle name is May. We call her May most of the time. It stuck when a friend started calling her just May.

PPTheBlog said...

I love the name Peter. So much so that I tried convincing hubby it would suit a girl! He wasn't having it. Fortunately we had a boy (George) and I didn't have to convince him!

Haidee is a gorgeous name and the story behind it, though sad, is beautiful too :) x

Anonymous said...

My little boys first name is Jacob - Wanted something that was 'traditional' but wasn't too popular and that could also be shorted to something I like (he gets Jake). At the time Jacob didn't seem very popular but seems to be everywhere now!

His first middle name is James - long family tradition

His second middle name is Harris - Slightly more unusual but has an Arabic background to reflect that he is 1/4 Indian.

Also looked at the meaning of the names before giving them.

Rach x

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