Friday, 22 July 2011

Dear So and So - First notes!

Dear So and So - All very new to me but a lighthearted way to sum up my week.

Dear George.
I love snuggles in my bed, it's great when you have sleepovers.
But PLEASE warm your feet up!
Seriously little man, they are like little iceblocks!!

Dear Mailbox
Stop with the PING, PING, PING!
As great as it is to see all the orders coming in, I don't need the sound effects!

Dear Paint Companies
Who comes up with the names for the different shades of paint?
I really do want to know.
Some of them are great.
Yours with a touch a sarcasm
Me x

Dear Petrol Prices
You get the message!

Dear Blogger
Another dirty look!
Please sort yourself out!
A not very patient me

Dear Friend
I can't wait! Brownies, Baileys... and gossip!
Perfect x

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Dear So and So...


Nicki Cawood said...

Two weeks?!? (I'm guessing this is me? :p). I can't wait. I'm glad you've joined in this week.
Oh and the feet thing.... bed socks! Kieran is a beggar for icy feet!

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