Friday, 8 July 2011

Don't forget him!

Precious Parcels is crammed packed full of gorgeous gifts and treats for women, children and the home. Do you realise we also cater for the fellas? 

Plaques and suchlike don't have to be girly, and as they are personalised and can be made to include your own message. Up in the office or computer room, on the desk at work or pride of place on the bedside the table, there is always room for something that says, "Well done", "We love you" or "you are great"!
Some of our favourite "For Him" items at the moment include;

           A masculine Happy Birthday Plaque, £7.95

The original "Precious Parcel", a little parcel with a little message that says it all just £4.95

Fantastic personalised bunting from £8.25 for 3 letters

These are just a few of the products available for the boys / men. Why not have a browse around the For Him section and the rest of the site and see if anything takes your fancy and fits the bill for those special men in your life!


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