Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer and the party rush is on!

The school holidays have already arrived for some and are just around the corner for others. No more school uniforms to wash, crack of sparrow rising for the school run.... brilliant! One thing that does continue over the summer are the birthday parties. We hear regularly how Mums and Dads are fed up of buying cheap and nasty looking party bags and toys and how they would like something a bit nicer.
You ask, and we see what we can do!
These drawstring bags are £3.00 each (which includes badge) and measure 14.5cm x 20.5cm

These bags are 100% cotton but with a handle and cost £3.00 each. Measures 21 x 26cm 

These gorgeous 100% cotton drawstring bags (or handled bags) which are personalised, reusable and come with a badge are a longer lasting solution, much nicer looking and can be filled with anything you like! Plenty of room for different inserts such as small wooden toys and crayons, mini colouring books and yogurt raisins. It doesn't have to be all chocolate and noisy plastic whistles. For a party to remember, why not pop along to the website and have a look!

The minimum order quantity for this item is 4.


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