Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer Crafts

The summer holidays are nearly upon us! Hopefully the sun will continue throughout but something makes us think that it's unlikely! (British weather - pah!). Master PP still goes to nursery throughout the summer, but the days are longer and little hands need to be kept occupied!
A relatively cheap activity for rainy days is craft. Some people shudder at the thought but it needn't be too expensive or messy. The basics for our craft box for Master PP are:
  • Safety scissors, 
  • Lolly sticks
  • Pritt-Stick / glue
  • A variety of different coloured papers, shapes, pompoms, drinking straws etc
  • A small bag of rice or pasta for texture pictures
  • Pens, pencils and crayons 
  • Washable paints and brushes (which luckily we have in abundance)
  • Household junk - such as toilet roll inners and cereal boxes

We'll hold our hands up and say - we don't do glitter, in any way, shape or form! Being clever we tried glitter glue pens, thinking it would be better than shaking loose glitter everywhere. It really isn't. In fact, if anything it is worse - gah!

Sometimes Master PP likes to take on a project and be directed, sometimes he likes to be left alone to just create. Either is fine and lovely to see! It's amazing what those little hands can put together! We absolutely love RedTedArtthe top art & craft site for children for finding new (cheap and easy!) projects. Well worth a visit!

We are starting to collect together our loo rolls now and are getting ready to enjoy a craft summer holiday! We hope your little ones enjoy crafting and creating as much as we (ahem Master PP) does!


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