Saturday, 2 July 2011

Summertime fun!

Dare we say it? It looks like Summer has arrived!
The school summer holidays are looming and outdoor fun is calling!

Gardening is a big favourite for many children, who love to create and work independently. Why not give them a little patch or tub of their own and some seeds so that they can build, nurture and grow their own garden? Most kids love the responsibility of being in charge of their own mini garden and watching their own plants, flowers or vegetables grown. Last year Master PP was very proud of the cheese and tomato sandwiches he helped us make, with his own tomatoes! 
A lovely kit to start the children off are these ones, which are proving to be very popular!

Each personalised garden kit includes:
Cotton bag with unique design (21 x 26cm)
Personalised wooden shape

At just £7.95 what better gift for another children or for your own to encourage them to be more green-fingered and have fun at the same time.

Visit the site to see these fantastic gardening kits and to browse other gifts and home items.


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