Friday, 15 July 2011

Surviving Birthday Parties!

Our last post was about party bags and looking for new and more modern alternatives to the traditional thin plastic bag and toys. Whilst we are on the subject we'd like to pick your brains! We haven't done the "big" birthday party for Master PP yet with all the party food and games and what not, but talking to friends with older children, when Master PP hits school it looks like it's all go on the birthday front. Realising how clueless we are when it comes to what games to play and what food to make prompted this post today.
It's a cry for HELP! 
How old was your child before they had their first "proper" party?
What are the best games (read as less likely to cause tears!) to organise?
Are sandwiches and jellies still the order of the day food-wise or have we moved on?

Wow - we really are clueless!!!

Please share your party hints, tips and warnings. I'm sure there are plenty out there who would be grateful for the advice!


Nicki Cawood said...

Sorry! I am yet to organise a birthday party and will move heaven and earth to avoid doing one. (My personal idea of hell!). I was SO proud of Kieran on his birthday - given an open choice of what he wanted to do (and silently hoping he'd say anything BUT have a party!) he replied with:
"Can I take my best friend to McDonalds for tea and then go to Grandma and Grandad's house to share my cake?".

I love that boy!

Anonymous said...

We normally have a bouncy castle, but a water slide would be great fun on your garden x

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