Friday, 19 August 2011

Dear So and So 19/8/11

Dear So and So...

Dear George,
I loved our day out this week... absolutely wicked!
But... you are one cheeky little sod sometimes lol!
Love Mummy x

Dear Calendar,
Your pages are turning FAR too fast, it'll soon be Christmas!
Her slightly in denial!

Dear All on Facebook
Nothing to see here, all is good

Dear Baileys
Stop whispering my name in that seductive way, I won't give in,
I'm good.
Her who knows she is kidding herself

Dear Nicki
I am not a plank, I DO planking,
I am good at it,
Wicked in fact.
You know you are just jealous.
I might try surfing next,
or dogging.

Or is that something else?


Dear Duck Pancakes
I could so eat you right now.
Be warned,
It IS the weekend after all!

Dear Weekend
I can seeeeee you!
Her in anticipation!
(Who is knackered and ready for some feet-up time!)


Nicki Cawood said...

That is brilliant! :) I still don't "get" planking though, sorry lol.

Unknown said...

I love the Dear George, how many times have we all wished we could actually say that to our kids!

I've no idea what planking is. Maybe it's cause I'm American? Eh, who knows.

Happy Friday (visiting from Kat's!)

tiddlyompompom said...

I have no idea what planking is, but sounds painful...

Kat said...

I went to a Christmas in July event and it reminded me how scarily close Christmas actually is. Didn't it just happen like a few weeks ago?

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