Friday, 12 August 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So... 

Dear Last Week!
You were pretty great but I am absolutely shattered! It's ok, I'm not blaming you - we both know whose fault is is, don't we!
Me x

Dear Nicki
I'm shattered! Don't worry - I'm not blaming you for keeping me up most of the night talking when you visited, we know it was last week's fault really.
Me x

Dear Frank & Trumpy
Who are Mummy's little baby piggies? You are, You are!
Yes you are!
Mummy x

Dear Self
1) You and Nicki are equally to blame for yapping all weekend!
2) Seriously? Frank & Trumpy are guinea pigs!

Dear Precious Parcels,
Busy Busy Busy! I can't believe people are already ordering things for Christmas!
Her who is constantly covered in paint x

Dear Readers,
Again if you have got this far... well done!
Keep reading!
Us x


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