Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gardening Success - woo hoo!

I can do many things.... I can start a business, build a website, give birth, cook a great meal....  but I really struggle with gardening. You could say I'm better at growing weeds than anything else! Luckily, George knows his way around those small fork looking tools better than me!

I am very proud to have grown these fabulous peas,(under George's supervision, and using his new garden kit). George, who lets face it, has had the starring role in the production of these peas, helped me shell them for his Grandad who took  them home to make a chicken casserole. Grandad Hickey is still well and has suffered no ill-effects so I think we can call the project a success. Next year we might get adventurous and try carrots!!

(Thanks for the help George!)

Each personalised garden kit includes:
Cotton bag with unique design (21 x 26cm)
Personalised wooden shape

Currently reduced from £7.95 to £7.25


vanessa McCourt said...

The garden kits look lovely and a good price too.

Nicki Cawood said...

We may need an up to date picture of your Dad just to check you know :)

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