Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ready for Christmas yet?

Now £3.50 each - see here!
Yes we said it - the C-word!

Here at PP HQ the Christmas orders have already started flooding in! It's made us feel very unprepared for our own Christmas shopping! I mean it's August, we haven't the foggiest what we are buying for who?! 
Are we the only ones?

A friends of ours has cards and wrap ready, bought in the January sales  and has been buying gifts throughout the year.
Another has been paying into one of those Christmas voucher catalogues and will get a big payout in November and have more than enough to do all of her shopping in one go.
Other people we know haven't actually shopped or saved yet but do have lists of people to buy for with gift ideas and a note of what they bought everyone last year so things don't get confused. 

Clearly we need to pull our socks up!! 
Do you have Christmas wrapped up already? Are you uber-organised or like us, too busy to even think about our own shopping? 

We are busy concentrating on helping other early-starters with their gifts right now, make sure you keep an eye on our Christmas page as well as the the others for great festive gift ideas and decorations. More products will be landing soon!


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