Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What is a Precious Parcel?

These are the "face" of Precious Parcels... but what are they? People have been known to shake them to see what's inside or assume they are a gift box of sorts. They are, as one customer said recently, "a lovely and simple way to send a message".

The parcels are just that, an attractively wrapped parcel with a beautiful keepsake poem. 

An example of one of the poems is this one, for Dads.

This is a Precious Parcel,
For the most special Dad around,
Who's full of fun and laughter,
No better Dad can be found,
So here's a little keepsake,
To say a big Thank You,
And also Dad I want to say,
I love you!

A Precious Parcel makes  a box of favourite toffees from the supermarket a birthday or "just because" gift that means that little bit more.

As well as a way to give a "just a little something" these fit perfectly as part of a larger gift, such as our baby bundle gift.

Other parcels include a New Baby Boy and New Baby Girl (these two are currently on sale down from £4.95 to £4.50), Thanks, Birthday, a Parcel of Love & Cuddles and Special Mum. Something for everyone.

So there you are, the mystery solved. A precious parcel is simply a lovely keepsake that means a lot.

From £4.50 each, each gorgeous little brown paper parcel is tied with gingham ribbon. Approx 7cm wide.

Remember that as always, postage is just £1.95 regardless of the size of your order.


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