Friday, 30 September 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Sunshine
Now THIS is more like it! Where have you been up until now? 
April and nearly October aren't really the traditional summer months.
Try and be a bit more organised next year
Love Natalie
PS Great to see you regardless

Dear George,
You've been 4yrs old for a whole week old.
You seem to have grown in those 7 days.
Stop it
Stop it now.
Mummy who is coming to terms with having a 4yr old son 

Dear New Facebook
Not sure, I could like you actually.
I'll let you know,
Natalie the FB addict

Dear other FB users
Facebook WILL NOT charge you to use your account if you don't dance topless in your nearest Wetherspoons, post a picture of your smallest panties or join a group saying you don't want to pay.
Just saying
PS If you must do number one PLEASE don't post it on FB, cheers!


Actually Mummy... said...

Very funny! I am now coming to terms with a 7-year-old - I don't get how the days can be so slow and the years so fast!

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