Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The ToothFairy

The Tooth Fairy and Santa are pretty much on equal footing in our house. We haven't had any lost teeth as yet as George is too small still but he knows that one day she'll come, take a tooth and leave him pennies! (I must find out at that point what the going rate per tooth is).

Our personalised Tooth Fairy cushions are a brilliant addition to the fantasy and are proving to be very popular, both for presenting lost milk teeth and for keeping as a lovely keepsake!

Each cushion measures 10cm x 10cm with a little pocket and wooden button. It hangs from a matching ribbon and is embroidered with "_____'s tooth".
As you can see, these lovely cushions come in three different colours and cost just £7.95.

We have had many messages from parents telling us of some of the most fantastic traditions that they have in their home, often carried over from when they were children, such as sprinkling fairy-dust on the floor and leaving tiny footprints. Magical!
What traditions do you have? (And yes, any info on how much teeth go for on the Fairy black-market would be much appreciated!).

We are looking forward to reading your comments, and possibly "borrowing" some ideas for when George is older!

Don't forget that p&p is just £1.95 regardless of the size of the order so why not browse the rest of the site and pick up any early Christmas or birthday gifts and save additional delivery charges.


Online Mum said...

I would love to know how much teeth are too. I am afraid that the Tooth Fairy Black Market is too expensive. Brilliant product BTW!

Nicki Cawood said...

Our Tooth Fairy was my Dad, and he used to leave a little card from the TF every time, lovely!
My parents were quiet savvy too. We had a lamp on the landing and we left our teeth under the base so the TF could find them in the dark... no sneaking in bedrooms and getting caught out!

I love these cushions and will be getting one for both of the boys!

Shell Louise said...

Our tooth fairy pays £1 per tooth. When the kids were visiting family in Derbyshire (we live in Lincoln) the tooth fairy paid £2 per tooth so now the kids want to move to Derbyshire because the tooth fairy there is richer!
Love those cushions :)

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