Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Autumn Baking Fun!

We love baking! George and I have great fun creating new treats (and eating them!). It's because of our love of all things messy that these hook and peg plaques were born.

These plaques are fully customisable so are perfect for keys, towel, aprons... whatever you need them for. Trust me, it is always good to have an apron close at hand when George picks up the flour container!

Each plaque is handpainted white with 3-colour polka dots and matching wooden hearts. You choose whether you want brass hooks or wooden pegs.
Each plaque measures 15cm x 10cm and they cost £9.95

If like us you are a baking fan, make sure you have a nosy at our personalised baking kits, great for use at home and as a gift.

Available in red, blue, yellow and green each personalised baking kit contains:
A cotton bag with cupcake design (21 x 26cm)
Rolling pin
Wooden spoon
Pastry brush
Chopping board
25 cake cases
And a personalised wooden star

All for just £7.95.

No excuses now not to bake yourselves up some lovely autumn treats!


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