Friday, 14 October 2011

Dear So and So 14/10/11

Dear So and So...

Dear Nicki
I will see you on Sunday. 
We will drink tea out of china cups and indulge in civilised chat.
Have you told the local police when we are arriving yet?
Can't wait!
Natalie x

Dear George
My bedroom window sill is higher than your head.
How the hell are you managing to climb up on it.
And more to the point, don't you know it scares me silly.
Stop it!
Love Mummy who doesn't fancy an afternoon in A&E xxxx

Dear Everyone on FB
Stop telling me how close to Christmas it is.
I am freaked out enough.
Her who will do her shopping on Xmas Eve x

Dear George
You have such a sinister laugh. Seriously, it gives people goosebumps.
Seeing as you are too young for a paper-round I'm thinking of hiring you out as a Halloween prop.
What do you think?
Love Mummy

Dear Reader
I love that so many of you read my ramblings!
Thank you!
There will be loads of new bits and piece over the next few weeks as Christmas is fast approaching so stayed tuned!
Natalie x


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