Friday, 7 October 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So... 

Dear Steve Jobs
Simply... Thank you!
Not just for the technology but the recent inspiration too.
Her whose iPhone never leaves her side.
Rest in peace x

Dear Claustrophobia
Hahaa!!! Kiss my a$$!
Nice try sucker!
Her stuck in a lift who couldn't care less :)

Dear all the people who tell me that now George is 4yrs old he will shoot up.
Poke off!
Her in denial
(And yes Nicki, that includes you!)

Dear Weather
Make your blinking mind up!
You are as indecisive as a young teenage girl with her crushes!
Pick one, stick with it.
(Not to try and influence your decision but that hot spell was quite nice, thanks).

Dear Pets
Traditionally the humans are the masters.
Not the Guinea pigs.
I understand I forgot to explain this to you but I'm telling you now.
Just so you know,
Her who is going to bankrupt herself with gourmet pet food.

Dear Self
When your best friend tells you that it IS possible to lick your own elbow if you practice enough... she is taking the mick.
Think of a suitable way to get her back asap.
And do not admit on the internet that you did in fact practice.
For ages!


Nicki Cawood said...

Oh come on, it's not MY fault you didn't recognise it as a joke (snigger!). Seriously though you have indeed kicked Claustrophobia's ass recently, proud of you lovely x

Herding Cats said...

Great letters. I think I have to send the same one your sent to your guinea pigs, to my cats.

They really liked the expensive food, but over the last few months I have been secretly mixing in increasing amounts of a cheaper brand. So far so good... only the husband keep threatening to tell them of my deception!

Actually Mummy said...

Ah, we're having a pet disaster at ours too. I think ours will be over soon though :-)

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