Thursday, 6 October 2011

Postage Peeves

Personally, one of my biggest pet peeves is how much it costs to send anything or have it delivered. Postage costs have gone up and up (with few changes to the actual service!) and to be honest if I'm ordering something for George or myself I balk at handing over money that in truth could have bought something else. 

I know that even with the postal charges getting higher, it does usually work out cheaper to buy online than drive anywhere to shop and have to pay for parking too. 

As a Mum I understand how irritating it is to feel you are paying much more for an item than it's "tag" price. It's because of this that we have held the price of our P&P at just £1.95. Precious Parcels is about special things, beautiful things and fun things. It's not about making a profit on postage charges. Regardless of the size of your order you will only pay £1.95 for standard delivery. Considering the price of delivery, and packaging materials we think that this is a good deal. 
We want you to enjoy your purchases, not resent how much you've had to pay for them!



Couldn't agree more!! Thats why we offer free delivery on everything at KyNa Boutique. Nice to see that someone else likes to make the customer happy xx

Nicki Cawood said...

I couldn't agree more, P&P charges are a big bugbear of mine. Like yourself, when buying an item it irks me that I could sometimes almost buy it again with what I pay on delivery.
It's (Royal mail) not the best system for consumers or retailers, but the way you work with it just goes to show how loyal you are to your customers.

Chocolat A Toi said...

Well done Nat! Postage has been a big issue for me as it's weight based and I do like to make my chocolate packaging nice and pretty. Luckily, I had a sit down with DH and thrashed it so my customers will soon have a super treat! Stay tuned.

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