Thursday, 13 October 2011

What do you do with their pictures?

I love it when George creates something (clearly he is going to be a renowned world-class artist). He paints, crayons and draws... a lot. Nursery are great and send his brilliant pieces of art home for me to admire.

This is why I ended up with a cupboard full of drawings. A big cupboard. A while back I decided I needed a better system. This is where the Masterpiece Plaque comes in!

Now I display one at a time (rather than 30,000) and when that one comes down I decide whether it is one of the 5-6 a month I save or whether it is to be recycled. It's a good system, tidier and George loves seeing his work up for everyone to see.

The blue plaque has a working peg, paint splash details and is finished with brown twine and blue gingham ribbon. It's a definite space saver for our house and a lovely feature. 
This plaque is also available in pink if requested, and is just £8.95.

So, do you have a system for sharing and saving or are you like I was, floundering under masses of paper!?



Nicki Cawood said...

I love the masterpiece plaque! Very sweet and like you say, better than having reams of paper everywhere.

Stressy Mummy said...

I have three of these in my kitchen and they are fantastic. The kids love them and it does give them a sense of achievement. The one piece at a time is good advice as i add more and more until they all fall and scatter around the kitchen! They don't cost alot but they are really motivational!

angelsandurchinsblog said...

I have so many 'systems', but am still swamped in paper! I use the back of the kitchen door and some wooden frames that are deep enough to hold up to 8 images or one 3d ones. I have the latter in a row of four (one for each child) on the wall outside their bedrooms. I also have a large plastic box that I store favourites in, plus each child has a pirate folder that they can store their own favourites in. From time to time I sneakily have a cull!

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