Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Gallery - The Kitchen

I haven't taken part in The Gallery for a while but when I saw this week's prompt was "The Kitchen", well how could I not??

The first thing I saw when I visited this house was the kitchen. Instantly I fell in love! I knew this was where I wanted George to have his meals prepared, where I wanted to pour my Baileys and where I wanted to put my Chinese takeaway onto plate(s)!

Granted this isn't the best of photos but you get the gist. My friend Nicki loves this kitchen too. On her last visit she kept looking in the cupboard under the stove in the middle of the kitchen, trying to work out how the gas hob worked when it wasn't connected to the wall (yes really - sorry Nicki lol!).

They say that the kitchen is the hub of your home, and in our house it most certainly is! I love it!

PS: My kitchen always looks this tidy. I have not run around like a mad woman cleaning it up so that I could take this picture... honest!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thank you

This is a precious parcel
Gift wrapped with you in mind
It's just a little thank you
For you have been so kind
It's filled with loving wishes
Hugs and kisses too
This little dedication
is sent from me to you

The Christmas season is well under-way here at Precious Parcels and it is just fantastic to see how many customers are coming back time and time again, and to welcome new shoppers! So many of you take the time to say hello on Twitter or Facebook or leave a little note for us in our guestbook.

So today we thought we'd send YOU a poem parcel, with our thanks and a big grin!

*To see the full range of our precious parcels, click here.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Carol Singers
It is November!!
Get a grip, go home and do not disturb me in my PJs when Eastenders is on ever again.

Dear George
Yes I am aware it is Christmas soon,
Yes I am really looking forward to it!
No the guinea pigs don't need their own stockings.
Love Mummy x

Dear Readers
Does anyone know where I can get Christmas stocking for pets from?
Me x

Dear Snow
I like that you are holding off! You are quite pretty when you first fall but a blinking nightmare when you lay.
Pop along in January if you must but for now, crisp and bright days works just fine.
Who is going to be grumpy when her road turns into an ice-rink!

Dear David Cameron.
Stop piddling about with trivial things and sort out this issue of only having 24hrs in a day.
It doesn't work, surely you can see that?
if you gave me extra time to work each day you too could could spend more hours each day turning our country into...
Oh, never mind.
I'll make do with the hours I have.
Her who thinks you are a plonker and no-where near as cute as Mr Clegg

Dear All
If you are still here, thank you!
Don't let my special brand of crazy scare you off!
Have a cracking weekend
Nat x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

We get around!

It is hugely busy here at PreciousParcels HQ with Christmas orders pouring in as well as the usual baby, child and home ones.

Being so busy I thought I'd take a couple of minutes post Special K, (but pre-nursery run) to remind you how you can keep in touch with us!

Did you know we are on Facebook?

We have (drumroll please) 1459 "likers" at the moment, and would love to get to 1500 before the end of the weekend! Our Facebook is packed full of new product information, pictures, offers and a place where you can interact with us and others.

Are you a Tweeter?
If so make sure you say hello to us on our PreciousParcels and PPTheBlog accounts, we love a natter you know!

And of course, there is the website! Have you bookmarked us?

Make sure you look us up and don't forget to say hello!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All year loveliness!

Christmas comes but once a year, but babies arrive every day!
Whilst the shops are full of Christmas wares we are still offering our more generic items, such as...

Each gift pack (available in blue or pink), includes the following items, beautifully packaged:
Personalised polka dot plaque,
Handmade bunting card (printed with your personal message),
Jute bag with matching gingham ribbon

Our new baby gift packs are ideal to send directly to the recipient. We never include an invoice and you can include your own personal message. A lovely way to say "congratulations" for a special new arrival.
Each pack costs just £14.95!


Just one in a series of beautiful personalised plates on offer, this Teddy Bear plate is simply gorgeous and costs just £19.95. 

Our last show-off for today (but do visit Precious Parcels to see more!) are these gorgeous name blocks...

The Personalised Wooden Blocks, which start at £12 for 3 letters (the two end heart or star blocks are included) are perfect for home nurseries or to give as gifts.
The name appears on all four sides of the blocks. Each end block is painted cream and finished with a heart of a star. Finished with twine and a pink or blue gingham ribbon top and bottom.
Each block measures 4.5cm x 4.5cm

While the beautiful babies keep arriving, we will continue to offer you a wide variety of baby and children gifts!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear George
I need to explain something to you.
One day you will have a big bed of your own you can share with some lucky lady. Trust me when I tell you that if you spread eagle across the bed like you do in mine, you will end up sleeping on the sofa.
Her who wants you to shift over so she can get in and have a cuddle! x

Dear Customers
Thank you! As crazy-busy as it seems at the moment I am so grateful for all the new (and old!) customer's who have done their Xmas shopping with us! I always knew you had cracking taste!
Her who is a happy bunny x

Dear All
Buy a pack of chicken for Children In Need.
You can pick up a pack of chicken for £5 at Sainsbury, why not give the £5 equivalent to Children In Need.
I have,
Her who is doing her spotty bear bit x

Dear nasty cold frozen snowy weather
We know you are coming! If you insist on making life difficult please do it now and then thaw out in time for Christmas. A white Xmas looks cool but all those people who will travelling to be with family or along and cold over Xmas could do with a break.
Her who really wishes she could control the weather.

Dear All
As always thanks for reading and supporting Precious Parcels
In short.... you all rock!
Natalie x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

We've been featured...

What a lovely surprise! 

No post from us today but have a look at this brilliant write up from Nicki Cawood over at Curly&Candid

Thank you chick!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Handmade Fabric Wreaths

There isn't a lot we can say about these decorative Christmas wreaths, the pictures say it all!
Added to the site yesterday they are already flying out of the door!

Unusual but lovely!

To be honest the photos really don't do these justice! Needless to say we are very excited to be able to offer you these for the first time. 

Available in Red or Gold (as pictured) these stunning Christmas decorative wreaths are handmade and for indoor use only.
Each wreath measures approx 35cm wide. Each unique wreath has eight hand-sewn padded hearts attached to a wire ring and are finished with an attractive raffia bow.

At £22.95 each these are the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations and can be used year after year, after year!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear the word ‘Epic’
You’re everywhere at the moment and to be perfectly honest you’re really irritating me.
We managed fine without you. Do one!
Her who gets annoyed at silly things.

Dear bottle of Baileys in the Cupboard
So, we meet again! I’m sorry for rushing you last year and then bringing a few of your friends home from Sainsburys.
I’m going to enjoy time with you slowly this year. You’re the only one I want this Christmas.
Her who needs to make ice cubes before tonight!

Dear George
Yes you again! This is not a telling off, this is simply to say....
I love you.
Mummy x

Dear tattoo parlour
Double your prices immediately!!
Her who is so tempted so get another and needs a reason not to.

Dear Spiders near and far.
I’ve sussed you out! It’s taken a few years I must admit but you really can’t get out of the empty painkillers
box can you. Boohahahaha!
Her who no longer needs a man to catch spiders.

Dear Christmas
BRING IT ON!!!! We’re ready for you! Try as you might we have enough hands to deal with you!
Her who loves a challenge.

Dear Readers.
Wuvs ya!
Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing.
Natalie x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Your favourite Christmas decoration is back in!

We've been overwhelmed with the amount of emails and online messages asking  uswhen the Christmas Stocking plaque was coming back on. Clearly a firm favourite it is now back and available to order!

The Merry Christmas Stockings Plaque is a distressed effect plaque with decoupage hanging stockings. With 3D holly, red ribbon and raffia this really make a lovely addition to your Christmas decorations. The plaque measures 15cm x 10cm and costs £9.95.

Why not view the rest of the Christmas range, and see if you fancy anything else to add to your festive decs, taking advantage of the static p&p charge of £1.95 regardless of the size of your order.

IMPORTANT:  The last day you can order anything from Precious Parcels this year, to ensure Christmas delivery is by 5pm on Thursday 8th December.

Monday, 7 November 2011

47 Days until Christmas

No I'm not joking and please stop throwing things! I was as surprised as you were when someone posted a link to the Xmas Clock on the Precious Parcels Facebook page. 
The worst thing about this clock is that you can't pause it, no, Christmas is coming and fast!

Thankfully the majority of the general public don't wait until Christmas Eve (like me!) and then run around like a headless chicken trying to find that perfect gift. As usual we have already had plenty of Christmas orders for items across our range,  and now from our extended Xmas section too.

What is lovely this year is to have seen an increase in the amount of bespoke orders, people emailing and asking for something slightly new, different wording or colours. This is what we love about our handmade plaques, clocks and more... they really are unique and you can be sure that the person you are buying for hasn't already got one!

So why not take advantage of our low p&p (£1.95 per order, regardless of the size), and the fact that you can shop with us online without having to trawl through busy shopping centres and treat someone to a gift that really is just for them.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Self
Having a tattoo done is always a risk because you never know exactly how you'll feel about it until it's on (and it's too late). 
Thinking about that, well done you for choosing just a wicked new tattoo!
Her who is pleased with herself and whose shoulder doesn't hurt as much now x

Dear George
Twisting my nipples and shouting BEEP BEEP to wake me up?
Not a good move little man.
Love her who is awake and has a sore chest x

Dear George
You won't remember Kevin & Perry on TV but you are doing a cracking impression these days.
Try imitating someone small and cute (and no a gremlin is not what I had in mind)
Mummy who is not ready for a 4yr old teenager x

Dear Customers
Wow you are keeping me busy!
I'm not complaining I like it, and I want you to know that every time I get an order, even now, I get a little rush. Three years on and I just love what I do. Thanks to you all x

Dear Weekend
Hello old friend, it seems ages since we were last together.
Lets make this one a good one to remember, especially as we won't be having another one until next week!
Her who just loves the weekend!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Gallery - The Letter T

There are lots of things that begin with T that mean something to me but today the first thing that comes to mind is.....


I had this done yesterday, which is why it's still a little sore looking. "See you at the finish line".
I'm not a runner, these words have another meaning for me. It comes from 
"If you won't attempt the hurdles, don't expect to see the finish line". Something I now live my life by. 
I'm really pleased with it - what do you think?

Oh, and would it be too stalker-ish to have George Clooney on the other shoulder?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Time for you to see the REAL us

Here at Precious Parcels we takes things very seriously.

Our website is (we hope) professional looking.

We take the utmost care when making your items. Every detail is checked and rechecked.

We keep our Facebook page regularly updated with news and offers and love to say hello on Twitter.

We think it's time you saw the real us, the professionals behind Precious Parcels.

It's been a while since we've had a business profile photo taken but we feel this one sums up who we are and how serious we are.....

Keep scrolling...

A little further....

Us serious lot at Precious Parcels hope you had a cracking Halloween!