Friday, 11 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear the word ‘Epic’
You’re everywhere at the moment and to be perfectly honest you’re really irritating me.
We managed fine without you. Do one!
Her who gets annoyed at silly things.

Dear bottle of Baileys in the Cupboard
So, we meet again! I’m sorry for rushing you last year and then bringing a few of your friends home from Sainsburys.
I’m going to enjoy time with you slowly this year. You’re the only one I want this Christmas.
Her who needs to make ice cubes before tonight!

Dear George
Yes you again! This is not a telling off, this is simply to say....
I love you.
Mummy x

Dear tattoo parlour
Double your prices immediately!!
Her who is so tempted so get another and needs a reason not to.

Dear Spiders near and far.
I’ve sussed you out! It’s taken a few years I must admit but you really can’t get out of the empty painkillers
box can you. Boohahahaha!
Her who no longer needs a man to catch spiders.

Dear Christmas
BRING IT ON!!!! We’re ready for you! Try as you might we have enough hands to deal with you!
Her who loves a challenge.

Dear Readers.
Wuvs ya!
Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing.
Natalie x


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