Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Carol Singers
It is November!!
Get a grip, go home and do not disturb me in my PJs when Eastenders is on ever again.

Dear George
Yes I am aware it is Christmas soon,
Yes I am really looking forward to it!
No the guinea pigs don't need their own stockings.
Love Mummy x

Dear Readers
Does anyone know where I can get Christmas stocking for pets from?
Me x

Dear Snow
I like that you are holding off! You are quite pretty when you first fall but a blinking nightmare when you lay.
Pop along in January if you must but for now, crisp and bright days works just fine.
Who is going to be grumpy when her road turns into an ice-rink!

Dear David Cameron.
Stop piddling about with trivial things and sort out this issue of only having 24hrs in a day.
It doesn't work, surely you can see that?
if you gave me extra time to work each day you too could could spend more hours each day turning our country into...
Oh, never mind.
I'll make do with the hours I have.
Her who thinks you are a plonker and no-where near as cute as Mr Clegg

Dear All
If you are still here, thank you!
Don't let my special brand of crazy scare you off!
Have a cracking weekend
Nat x


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