Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Time for you to see the REAL us

Here at Precious Parcels we takes things very seriously.

Our website is (we hope) professional looking.

We take the utmost care when making your items. Every detail is checked and rechecked.

We keep our Facebook page regularly updated with news and offers and love to say hello on Twitter.

We think it's time you saw the real us, the professionals behind Precious Parcels.

It's been a while since we've had a business profile photo taken but we feel this one sums up who we are and how serious we are.....

Keep scrolling...

A little further....

Us serious lot at Precious Parcels hope you had a cracking Halloween!



Anonymous said...

seriously spooky!!! lol xx

Kizzy said...

Fab photo!

Nicki Cawood said...

Absolutely brilliant!! I'm not sure which one of you looks spookier but I do no that neither of you are very serious :p

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