Thursday, 24 November 2011

We get around!

It is hugely busy here at PreciousParcels HQ with Christmas orders pouring in as well as the usual baby, child and home ones.

Being so busy I thought I'd take a couple of minutes post Special K, (but pre-nursery run) to remind you how you can keep in touch with us!

Did you know we are on Facebook?

We have (drumroll please) 1459 "likers" at the moment, and would love to get to 1500 before the end of the weekend! Our Facebook is packed full of new product information, pictures, offers and a place where you can interact with us and others.

Are you a Tweeter?
If so make sure you say hello to us on our PreciousParcels and PPTheBlog accounts, we love a natter you know!

And of course, there is the website! Have you bookmarked us?

Make sure you look us up and don't forget to say hello!


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