Friday, 2 December 2011

Dear So and So - 1st December Edition

Dear So and So... 

Dear EBF Energy (Or a similar sounding company!)
Please sort your system out!!! When I say system I mean staff, when I say staff I mean the people who help on the phones, when I say help.... I am lying!
Her who is usually very easy going but

Dear George
No today is not Christmas day.
And no, tomorrow won't be either.
Stop asking ratbag, I got you the advent calendar so you could count down, not just to torment you with unopened doors and uneaten chocolates.

Dear Reader
Where can you get a chocolate thin enough to fit behind the now re-closed door 10?
Her who is not actually owning up to anything, just asking a question.

Dear La Senza,
Please make thermal knickers that don't look like they came out of the Victorian age.
Cold Ass x

Dear Readers
Help settle a heated debate between my son and I...
Can a sword chop up a meteorite?

Dear Santa
I will remember the mince pie and alcohol,
I will remember the oversized stocking
Leave yourself a post it note this year.....
"Remember - Natalie Hickey needs to have George Clooney delivered".
Love, her who is forever hopeful x


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