Friday, 13 January 2012

Dear So and So - Friday 13th Jan

Dear So and So...

Dear Dad,
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you spit coffee all over.
I realise now that telling you that I felt more lively now I was taking Methadone might have come as a shock, especially when I actually meant Metatone, a harmless tonic.
Her who is sorry but thought your face was priceless! x

Dear anyone who is curious about other lifeforms out there.
I haven't seen any little green men but have spent some time in Peterborough passport office recently which is most definitely part of an alternate universe. Seriously, if there was ever a place destined to welcome visitors of the weird and wacky kind, that is it.
Her who actually doesn't care because she has her new passport!!!!

Dear New Year diet
I was thinking of starting you this month, then I though "Why be like everyone else?" so I have pushed this back to February.
Her who is going to need goose grease and a shoe shorn to get into her jeans soon x

Dear Winter
Barely a decent frost this year, so mild.
I do hope you haven't decided to mess with our annual two weeks of British Summer sun to even it up!
Her who ready for spring.

Dear Readers
It's Friiiiiday! (Thank goodness!).
Have a wicked weekend whatever you have planned!
Nat & G x


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