Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Sore Throat
Bugger Orf!
Would say more but well can't, you know - with the razor blades in my throat and all.

Dear George
You have made my Christmas.
You have been nothing short of a superstar.
Love you little man,
Mummy x

Dear Customers
You are just all just amazing! I can't get over how many of you chose Precious Parcels to buy your loved ones gifts for Christmas, and are already now back in the new year organising birthday presents and more!
Thank you!
Her who is covered in paint and happier than a pig in muck.

Dear All
I have a new love. Or rather a mission.
This year I am both challenging myself and doing something completely new and different purely for me.
2012 is the year of the Natalie, or the snake, or is it the mongoose?
Either way - watch this space!

Dear Wind
I know you think it's funny to make my garden look like it's been ransacked by angry garden gnomes during the night, but seriously - why the trampoline?
It was a complete beggar to get right again and I couldn't even have a bounce at the end to celebrate as you wouldn't ease up.
That's just being mean!

Have a good weekend all!


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